AMP Volleyball Club

Our 4th Mandatory tournament schedule has been announced and our location, approx. times and opponent names are listed below. We are seeded 4th so we will play our 1st match at 9:00 am. Please arrive no later than 8:15a for warm-ups. Please allow enough time for traffic. A map is provided below with directions from Beckman HS.

There will be NO potluck assignments due to venue restrictions. Venue concessions will be available.

Our tournament will be held Saturday, April 19, 2014 at:


Directions From Beckman HS

Seed Pool: AMP 16 Black
1 Mavericks 16-Green
2 AVA 16-Black
3 Club Green 16
4 AMP 16-Black

16 Black: Approximate Schedule: Sunday
8:00am: Match 1: OFF (warm-ups @8:15a)
9:00am: Match 2: Amp vs AVA 16-Black
10:00a: Match 3: Amp vs Mavericks 16-Green
11:00a: Match 4: BREAK
12:00p: Match 5: Amp vs Club Green 16
01:00p: Match 6: REF
02:00p: END

Sunday, Apr 6th 2014 – Coming off of a 6-0 start in Mandatory competition, AMP 16 Black (4th seed) would again be immersed in a pool of higher ranked opponents. Regardless, what started out as a seemingly easy, business-as-usual Mandatory #3 tournament, with AMP nabbing an unceremonious two game victory over the #2 seed KOA Volleyball Club, quickly turned into a fierce battle with the #1 seed Mission Viejo 16-1 and a full-blown, all-out war with the #3 seed OCVC 16-1. Click here to see what happens…

2 time Olympic Volleyball Libero Nicole Davis Inspires young AMP volleyball players!

Libero Nicole Davis

One of the best defensive players in the world, Nicole Davis of the USA Women’s National Team, stopped by AMP on Monday night to share some of her wisdom and experience. The girls absolutely loved having her and learned a lot.

ND speaking to AMP

Nicole Davis sharing her experiences growing up in volleyball. Starting volleyball at 14, playing High School JV, winning back to back College National Championships at USC and winning 2 Olympic medals inspiring AMP girls to dream big!

Nicole Davis reveals lessons she learned growing up in volleyball.

Nicole Davis reveals life lessons she learned growing up in volleyball.


Nicole Davis answering questions from our AMP girls.

US Olympic Libero Nicole Davis motivates our young AMP 16s Libero Rachel Sawada.

US Olympic Libero Nicole Davis motivates our young AMP 16s Libero Rachel Sawada.