AMP Volleyball Club

Below are the start times for game 1. Please arrive 45 minutes prior to game time for warm-ups or referee assignments. Subsequent games can be viewed by clicking your team name at the bottom.

AMP 16 RED: Friday: Game 1: Court 10 – ACC at 6/26 4:00 PM
AMP 15 BLACK: Friday: Game 1: Court 23 – ACC at 6/26 3:00 PM
AMP 15 RED: Friday: Game 1: Court 34 – ACC at 6/26 4:00 PM

Please allow enough time for weather, traffic, and unfamiliarity with the area. A map is provided below with directions from Beckman HS.

Summer Soiree will be held Friday June 26th – Monday June 29th at:
Location: ANAHEIM CONVENTION CENTER – 800 West Katella Blvd., Anaheim
There are parking fees at this complex.

Directions from Beckman HS

Please click your team link below to view your team’s schedule for your Summer Soiree matches:

AMP 16 RED Soiree Schedule

AMP 15 BLACK Soiree Schedule

AMP 15 RED Soiree Schedule